Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slightly Uneven Heffalump and shorter answers

For those of you who read the painfully long and detailed "Unknown unknowns" post below (oy vey, what a drama queen I am!) ... this is a relatively quick update.

The onco-tests came back with surprisingly low risk factors for recurrence so in fact chemo therapy is not now a part of my current treatment plan. And I will not be filling my wardrobe with a bunch of new hats, scarves and turbans, nor investing in eyebrow pencils this year. Whew!

I did have a third excision (essentially, a third lumpectomy at the same site). Had it done just this past Thursday (today is Saturday) and I am still taking it easy today and a little loopy with Vicodin.

This time things were a little more painful, I'm not entirely sure why except that they keep going through the same location so they are cutting through already "scarred" and thickened tissue. Also, Mr. Dr. Brenin (my UVA surgeon) told Diane (I was still zonked ) that he took a little more tissue and did some "reconstructing" as a result. In the past, I think the little "dimple" that was created by this procedure was probably only noticeable to my own hyper critical eye. I don't know about this one as it is still under cover of a large gauze bandage. Maybe I'll post photos and y'all can tell me what you think? Yeah. NOT!!!!
Stay tuned. Hopefully I'll be able to change the subject soon to some other tale of woe.

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